Les vins qui gardent le cap...

I grew up in the Southern part of Burgundy (and still love) the Auvergne region where I was born. As a kid I spent all my family vacations with cows and on tractors. After high school there was only one real option for me: FARMING! But being a farmer and working the land is hard work.

Living in the heart of the Mâconnais, it was only natural that I ended up coming to the vineyards. At 16, I did my first stint at a winery, my first vinification; I loved it! The harvest, the fermentation, the wine, I just discovered an exciting environment.

After a few internships and various jobs working in several Mâconnais and Beaujolais wineries, I then increased my training in 2000 by working for one of the largest Négociants in Beaune. And then, after 2 years, I decided to return to a more “family-sized”, organic winery.

So, in 2002, I arrived in Saint Aubin to work for Catherine and Dominique Derain. Extremely passionate, these people are real “workers” who love and truly understand their profession; immediately I felt at home. I came to learn organic farming and winemaking, and I discovered biodynamic agriculture and natural wines! Here I worked in all areas: vines, cellar, sales…

Working together can be a very enriching experience, but inevitably there comes a time when one feels the need to do his/her own thing, at his/her own pace.

In 2007 Dominique pushed me to purchase my own pinot noir grapes. This was the beginning of Sextant. Without any of my own equipment, I was able to use that of Catherine and Dominique for my first cuvée.

Bit by bit, I was able to equip myself and in 2010 I acquired my first parcel of vines. During the harvests that followed, the organic winemaker community helped me to find grapes as well as suggesting alternative cuvées to make. In 2013 I found a winery and cellar in Saint Aubin, along with 2 additional vineyards in Pommard. In 2015 I planted a half hectare of vines